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Lakewood to benefit from state gas tax funds

Lakewood to benefit from state gas tax funds

Lakewood has started to receive its annual allotment of $1.4 million in new state road funds from the SB-1 gax tax increase that went into effect in November 2017. Given Lakewood’s current tight budget situation, the new state funds will help Lakewood maintain its tradition of keeping its roadways in good condition. Without the state funds, Lakewood would likely have to delay the repair of some busy roadways for several years. 

In 2019, with help from the new state gas tax funds, Lakewood will be able to repave and repair the following streets:

• Del Amo Blvd. (from Cherry Ave. to Downey Ave.)
• Candlewood St. (from Lakewood Blvd. to Fidler Ave.)
• Harvey Way (from Bellflower Blvd. to Woodruff Ave.)
• Downey Ave. (from Del Amo Blvd. to its southern terminus)

State gas tax funds will also lead to several local freeway improvements near Lakewood, including a modernization of the 91/605 interchange.