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Lakewood public safety resources

Lakewood public safety resources

Lakewood’s Crime Prevention Office is one of many resources available to assist our community. Residents can contact city and sheriff’s department representatives involved with the crime prevention programs, but those representatives are not the only resource available.

Sometimes residents have concerns, or relay the concerns of their neighbors, that are not crime related. Other times the Crime Prevention Office receives concerns that should be communicated directly to the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station.  Knowing who to contact can reduce response time, increase satisfaction, and enable you to follow up on a request for service.

Call the Crime Prevention Office at 866-9771, extension 2114 to:

  • Inquire about crime prevention programs
  • Obtain informational material
  • Schedule neighborhood watch meetings
  • Discuss any public safety concerns

Call the city’s Public Information line at 866-9771, extension 2140 to:

  • Report graffiti and public nuisance issues
  • Request patrol presence in your neighborhood
  • Report speeding vehicles and request enforcement
  • Generate any request for service

Call the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station at 623-3500 to:

  • Report a crime that has occurred, such as a vehicle or residential burglary
  • Report unusual or suspicious activity including door-to-door solicitors, anyone looking into parked vehicles, and traffic issues
  • Schedule vacation checks and enroll in the Lakewood Auto Watch program

Call 9-1-1 to report any crime in progress!