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When Sheriff's Respond to Calls for Service

Lakewood residents are a valuable asset to the Sheriff’s Department in fighting crime.  When you see something, you say something, and it often times results with a response from Sheriff’s personnel.  Your partnership is essential to keep our crime rates low and responding deputies appreciate your vigilance.  

When deputies respond to a call for service, their priority is the safety of the community.  To keep the community safe they need to be focused on the call for service.  When concerned residents approach them prior to the resolution of the problem, it can interfere with their investigation and deputy safety.  Here are some reminders when attempting to contact deputies during or after a call for service:

  • If you are not a party to the reported incident, please remain on the “sidelines” until the incident concludes.  
  • Once the incident is resolved completely then you may inquire.
  • It is always best (if possible) to talk to the Sergeant or Training Officer (two stripes), as the field deputies may be gathering essential information or following up on leads.
  • Keep in mind that they may not share much with you.  Be aware that some incidents may be ongoing investigations and Sheriff’s personnel may not be at liberty to discuss the particulars.

Lakewood deputies know you are their extra eyes and ears of the community and they appreciate your help!