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Busy time for Lakewood Sheriffs this July 4th

Los Angeles County Sheriff patrol car

The City of Lakewood takes serious action every year to reduce the use of illegal fireworks, which are dangerous to people, pets and homes. The city hires extra Sheriff’s deputies on July 4th specifically to patrol and find the users of illegal fireworks, seize the fireworks, and write citations of up to $1,000 for their use.

This July 4th, Sheriff’s deputies responded to 120 complaints of illegal fireworks in Lakewood. Deputies wrote 89 citations, including 70 citations for $1,000 each for the use of aerial fireworks (all of which are illegal in Lakewood). Eight citations for $500 each were issued for the use of firecrackers (any exploding firework is illegal in Lakewood).   

The City of Lakewood wants residents to have a fun time on July 4th. The city facilitates neighborhood block parties that are a Lakewood tradition. But the city also wants people, pets and homes to be safe.  Please do your part to help. If illegal fireworks were used at a Lakewood residence this year or you suspect they may be used in the future, please let the city know by calling 562-866-9771, extension SAFE (7233) or leave a confidential note at