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Poster collection marks 65th anniversary of Macy’s building at Lakewood Center

Groundbreaking of Lakewood's original May Co building

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, the City of Lakewood, Lakewood Center and Macy's celebrated the 65th anniversary of the iconic Macy’s building. A collection of posters including historic photos curated by Lakewood’s Historian Emeritus D. J. Waldie was displayed near the Macy’s mall entrance to tell the story of the innovative building and mall, and their impact on suburban culture. The collection is now available online.

In 1952, the Lakewood Center’s iconic May Company building (which became a Macy’s in 2006) opened to throngs of eager shoppers, the first to experience—and embrace—the concept of a regional shopping mall. Lakewood Center changed forever the way Californians shop, and set the pattern for the next 60 years of retailing, not just in California but in the nation.

The posters have been placed in an online photo gallery for everyone to enjoy. Visit to view the collection.

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