Disaster Preparedness

Tuning in 1620 AM

            Tune to 1620 AM for Lakewood's emergency radio station. Use your car radio or portable am radio.

The citywide emergency information radio service will broadcast Lakewood-specific information directly to residents following a crisis. Anyone who has a car or a battery-powered radio, made after 1990, will be able to monitor 1620 AM, even if all electrical power is out.

The station's transmitter is small and tough and in a protected facility supplied with backup power. City staff are trained to get 1620 AM up and running immediately after a disaster.

Hurricane Sandy affected 24 states and hit front pages across the country when it slammed into New Jersey and New York. Power was out for days. Food, water supplies and roads were drenched leaving many to fend for themselves.

Earthquake-like damage should remind Californians they will have very similar needs following the “big one.” Post-quake necessities like food, water and shelter will be pressing needs. Click here for information on earthquake insurance.

Lakewood’s “Survive for 7” program can help you be better prepared. A free “Survive for 7” disaster prep planning program is scheduled several times each year. The one-evening program educates residents about emergency preparedness and teaches skills to survive in the first week following a catastrophe. To sign up for the class, go to www.lakewoodcity.org/ecatalog and enter "Survive for 7" in the search box.

The city's catalog of recreation and special interest programs contains the latest schedule of classes. It can be viewed as a printable PDF or seen in the online eCatalog systems which also accommodates electronic RSVPs. For more information, see www.lakewoodcity.org/catalog.

Lakewood's Emergency Operations Plan

Lakewood's Emergency Operations Plan can be viewed by clicking on the image of the report cover.

Emergency Operations Plan